Andrew, Tash, Indigo and Ocean – Derbyshire
Fash and Gus have helped us out several times in the last couple of years. From decorating to book case making. From baby sitting to landscape gardening. Everything they turn their hand to ends up as a terrific job well done.
Always making an effort to understand what is fundamentally required in any project, the word holistic should have Fash and Gus in the dictionary description. Great company, great cooks, great thinkers (oh, and really great problem solvers). Their wide ranging practical skills are only a fraction of their worth to any job or project.
Elfhelp, We can only say “Thank you!”

Frangiskos (Skala, Greece):
Amazing couple, helped us alot, they are very special people. Thank you to both of you. Happy travels!
Phil and Sandy (Spain)
Gus and Fash stayed with us for about 3 weeks, they are an amazing couple, they helped us so much,with everything. They are happy intelligent and fun to have around, we were very sorry to see them leave. hope we see you again sometime soon. much love to you both xxx
Anne and John (Alothaina, Spain):
What a lovely couple to meet. Very helpful, very good acupunturist DON’T miss out if you have Gus around!! The whole village loved them, lovely peaceful souls. They came for 2 week and stayed for 3 months. Sad to see them go but we will meet again i hope. Lots of love big hug to both

Phil and Shema (Sparta, Greece):
Gus and Fash were great and we highly recommend them .They fit easily into the family group and get the job done. With a precise but short tutorial they constructed an 8m by 2m Pergola/Verandah with only minor supervision . Similarly they Prepared/filled/ and painted the landing ceiling and walls and the arched ceiling of the basement. They then took over a part finished restoration of an old stove and stripped back to metal and finished it to a high standard. In the 5 weeks they were with us the weather was against us a lot of the time and Gus and Fash took the initiative and went away 2 weekends to give us some space. Their perseverance working in the bad weather was much appreciated and they did many other odd jobs to keep things ticking over. They were happy what ever the task before them . Easy, calming company thanks for everything. Thanks for the acupuncture Gus.

Pete and Rachel (Gargarou, Greece)
Gus and Fash are lovely people and wonderful helpers! They helped us at Gargarou with our olive harvest and they worked happily long days and through rain showers until we were finished, offering to take our sacks to the mill when our car broke down! They came with lots of enthusiasm and encouraged us to build a cob fireplace for our house (which they built!), sharing their skills and knowledge of building with cob. We really enjoyed having them stay with us at Gargarou Retreat and appreciated their warmth and interesting conversations. They are both reliable and trustworthy, worked brilliantly together and with our other helpers. They respected our space, shared their lovely home baked bread and we welcome them back at Gargarou Retreat when we have new projects to work on.

Yolande (Marvao, Portugal)
In a nutshell – Gus & Fash are delightful. From the moment they arrived they just slotted right in and were so easy to have around. They had only been at the house a few hours and enthusiastically joined in with the Modern Jive dance class that very evening.

From day one they were very able to assess what needed to be done & could be left to get on with things. Wonderful & just what I needed as I was busy looking after visitors and organising dance events. They finished the burning of the cuttings from the olive trees, created sturdy sheep proof fencing round vulnerable trees, cooked delicious meals, planted, cleared the stream of undergrowth, helped with the animals, tackled brambles and more.
Gus & Fash are such lovely company with interesting stories to tell and have lots of skills to share. They are wonderful guests, kind, generous, respectful, considerate, fun and intuitive. I so wish their stay could have been longer and I really hope to see them again in the future. They will always be very welcome.