Sour Dough & Saurkraut

This page is for people who have joined us on our sourdough and saurkraut workshops:


By now we hope you’ve had a go at one or the other and have been munching away on your tasty efforts.

Here’s a few pointers that you might have forgotten since the workshop:

Sour Dough

  • If your starter culture looks very dormant, feed it up with some water, a couple of spoonfuls of flour and a pinch of sugar
  • Mouldy spots can be scraped away and culture rectified as above, if there is still a mouldy smell / taste, take a spoonful and feed up as above
  • Wet dough (more sticky) will prove more quickly than a drier / stiffer dough (but can be more delicate and is more likely to over prove)
  • Increased salt levels increases the proving time
  • Increased sugar levels make for quicker proving times (and sweeter bread)
  • Score dough to avoid crust splitting when cooking
  • Do not score proved dough (it will collapse!)
  • If bread is a little undercooked…make toast with it.
  • Keep starter in a loose lidded container, sealed containers make for a more sour starter


  • 1% to 2% of salt to veg weight is enough
  • Too much salt slows the fermentation
  • Not enough salt will not preserve the veg for long
  • Warm environments make fermentation quicker, colder ones slower
  • Garlic and Onion become very dominant in the mix, use sparingly


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