Gus is a trained acupuncturist and Fash is a qualified teacher (Music and Multimedia) and alongside these professions we have been growing many skills…

The last few years have opened up opportunities for the pair of us to gain experience in lots of areas. We have worked on different projects, some have encompassed ‘natural’ building techniques, that is building with mud, clay, sand, wood, straw, stones, you name it! Also we work with more traditional materials: timber, bricks and mortar, plaster, paint etc

We are both keen gardeners, particularly fruit and vegetable tending. We have experience with fruit trees and more recently olive trees. We always work organically / biologically and where possible we look to lunar cycles.

We have also house-sat, looked after children (Gus has worked as a nanny) and cared for animals. For a few months we ran a hostel.

For many years we have made our own bread, marmalade and jam, chutney, wine, beer, toothpaste and deodorant, amongst other things.

We are capable of cooking for mid-sized groups of people (up to 20).

Picnic table restoration olivesort Drying Rack build